“The Times of India” Kolkata School Ranking

DBPC tops the list of excellence in “The Times of India” Kolkata School Ranking."

                The article in “The Times of India” states that “A sample survey of 300 schools was conducted in across 3 geographical zones – Central & Howrah, North & East and South. The nature of the objectivity in the research and the number of schools covered de facto can be understood from the statement: “Effectively every school had a chance of getting covered in the survey if their name was mentioned by the respondents.” The respondent categories were as follows:

(i)                  Those who had experience of such schools.(Experiential)

(ii)               Those who are currently searching and aspiring to get admissions

                  for their ward and evaluating these schools.  (Perceptual)

The respondent categories included:

(i)                  Experiential

(ii)                School teachers

(iii)               Alumni

(iv)              Experienced parents

(v)                Students

(vi)              Perceptual

(vii)             Aspiring parents

The arduous and complex mode of research basically went through five modules: (a) Desk Research (b) Fact file Collection (c) Perception Survey (d) Analysis of Data (e) Final Rankings.

The parameters for arriving at the final conclusion were decided based on past surveys as well as discussions with experts from the industry , teachers , and the wide variety of stakeholders in the universe of education and learning.

Don Bosco School, Park Circus , has topped a list of quality schools in the city according to a survey by i3 Research Consultants (i3RC) , a boutique research and consultancy firm focused on offering Superior Client Service,, Strategic Insights, Innovation, Quality and Commitment, with a three tier and multi stage quality control system to deliver excellence; the list was published in “The Times of India” on the    31st of January 2016 .

For us at Don Bosco Park Circus and all who are associated with this institution whose hallowed portals have welcomed some of the most respected minds of our age, this comes as a moment of pride, joy, and satisfaction. We at Don Bosco Park Circus, intend to create men of character who can shoulder the challenges of the future. An infrastructure is impressive but not necessarily an indicator of quality education. “Virtus et scientia” being our motto, we intend to have “Charaiveti” (“Move ahead” from the Aaitareya Upanishad) as our motto. Congratulations !   


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