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John Bosco the father and friend of youth was born on August 16, 1815, in a peasant family in the little hamlet of Becchi, some 20 kilometers from Turin, Italy. When John was only two years old his father, Francis Bosco passed away. His grief stricken mother, Margaret Occiena Bosco, had a harrowing time to bring him up.

To complete his education John had to do his share of work on the family farm and study during his spare time. Working as a servant, teaching, assisting a tailor, doing chores for a black smith and keeping score at a billiard table were some of the things he did in order to pay for his food, lodging and tuition while ate school. In due course John entered the seminary and was ordained a priest on June 5, 1841. From then on he was known as Don Bosco (Father Bosco).

Don Boscos work for boys started with one boy, a masons apprentice. Soon this boy brought others and the number of Don Boscos friends multiplied. He gave them facilities for games and taught them their religion.

Don Bosco called his method of education the Preventive System, based on REASON, RELIGION and KINDNESS. He told his disciples that education was to be based on love, on selfless service for the mental, emotional, moral and spiritual growth of the pupils.

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Don Bosco's Tips To School Children

  • Use Time Well
  • Be Moderate in eating and drinking
  • Do Always what pleases God
  • Excel in doing good to others
  • Choose a well groomed boy as a friend
  • When it's time to play, get in there and play
  • Concentrate Keep your mind on your books
  • Above all pray !

School Anthem DBPC

Don Bosco boys are we, from city of Kolkata

Virtus et Scientia, The Motto we hold on high.

We live for true values, all our life

Stand for the Truth, defend our faith

Love and Service, the Charism of our guide

Spread the Goodnews, wherever we stride (2)

God bless our School, our teachers and our kins,

Make us true citizens, Patriot, Loyal and Kind.

May we love our neighbours, care for the poor

Finally in life’s end, enjoy heavenly bliss.


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Sun Oct 22 2017

  • Lalhmangaih Sanga ( 1 D )
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  • Ritwik Pal ( 4 C )
  • Ashmit Roy ( 5 E )
  • Alfred Ekka ( 6 B )
  • Shobhit Keyal ( 9 A )
  • Arya Chaki ( KG C )

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